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  • Welcome to our ático!

    Since 2005, our basecamp is an inspiring ático with a unique view on the city centre of Gheel in Belgium. We focus on short run print & cut on adhesive vinyl, but can offer a wide range of 2D or 3D printing services. Also check our proven track record & worldwide professional network on LinkedIn and contact us if we can bundle forces as consultant or interim manager.

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  • What We Can Do

    Creative Print & Print Management

    Since 1994 print industry & technology is our professional playground. Not bound to investments or devices, we improve your print supply chain and make you save money when buying (offshore) print.

    Independent consultancy for B2B

    Print is no longer in the lead. Brands are no longer what websites claim. Decisions are driven by online reviews. A website as online anchor with e-mail marketing, social media campaigns, SEO/SEA... call us for digital marketing advise.

    On Demand & Variable Data Printing

    Don't order 10K when you need 500. We produce short-run or variable labels & stickers; any shape on weatherproof vinyl. Stop trashing outdated stock. Think sustainable or personalized.

    (Interim) People Management

    Need assistance to put a business back on the rails? Struggling with (digital) transformation? Not sure how to launch a new product line, market segmentation, webshop strategy...

  • to print or not to print?

    Think before Printing.

    Some customers rely on our clever print (less) solutions:

    "We need a lot of stickers for television props. Always short deadlines, with unusual print- & cut-specifications. This requires creative thinking rather than dull production."
    Set Dresser @Studio100

    Others value our expertise in print & publishing business, social media or e-marketing communication strategies:

    "A graphics software visionary with excellent communication skills. Able to convince people."
    ICT Manager @SanomaBE

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    Doelenstraat 34
    B-2440, Geel


  • Where do we come from?

    The roots of àstico reside in Ronse, a Belgian urban center that took shape in the 7th century, and Ghent which became one of the largest and richest cities of northern Europe in the Middle Ages. Or maybe we should start with the fact that we are really fond of comics.

    All these comics moved along from Ghent to a small house in the city centre of Gheel where we settled. A house with no attic and a hole in the roof. A perfect situation to stimulate creativity and entrepreneurship. Relying on expertise in graphic arts, (digital) printing, desktop publishing and more you can read about on LinkedIn, we started building. First we made the hole in the roof bigger to install the stairs. Then we went up and started creating our àtico. From scratch.

    We've put an 's' in between, to make it sound and stick better. But also because that's a lovely letter that honours the daughter of the house, like the flower that is cemented into the façade of the ground floor. On top it reminds of the asticots we used to go fishing in the early days nearby Ronse. The circle was round and ever since this attic proved to be the ideal place for new ideas to pupate and fly away. Over and over again. Check our profile to know about our current status. We're either in pupal stage or launching new initiatives.

  • What's our current status?

    Lauren Bacall

    Click the social media buttons above to see who we know in common, what we are currently into, where we are, what we like, share,...

    "Standing still is the fastest way of moving
    backwards in a rapidly changing world.
    Imagination is the highest kite one can fly."
    Lauren Bacall